Here at Manifest, we have creative souls, holistic healers, spiritual seekers and speakers, as well as local artists and makers all under one roof. We have products, workshops and services, all ready to soothe the body, expand the mind and inspire the soul.

We cultivate the inspiring and beautiful. We take a wholly holistic approach to everything at this shop…

Come in, take a breath and enjoy some much needed self care…

We source in the most exquisite products from around the world, bringing in the finest incense from India and Japan, and sustainably sourced Palo Santo wood from South America. We are keen on sourcing things close to home, such as our hand-crafted Teas from just down the road in Huntingdon, and our up-cycled, hand bound journals from right here in St.Ives! We also make a lot of products in-house with our talented team to ensure that you get the best quality with the right intention, such as our Home Cleansing Kits and Cleansing travel kits.

We have a great range of services here at the shop, everything from Massage to Karmic Medicine Readings and everything in between!
Our Services are provided by a whole team of service providers, from our range of Past Life Regression Practitioners, to our Specialist Mentors, our Reiki Healers to our Tarot Mediums and Psychic Readers. If you are seeking something specific don’t hesitate to ask. We have a large network and are always happy to refer you on if we can’t provide it here.

We teach a wide range of workshops and events here at the shop too, so people can come and try out new things at affordable prices, with a great selection of teachers. We have craft workshops, such as silver smithing with our wonderful local Silver Smith, weaving and wild foraging with the very same Local Maker that makes our teas! We also have New age workshops, such as Chakra work, past life regression events, and Astrology, taught by the very same people that offer us those services. We also have something for lover of the esoteric, teaching tarot classes, Full moon and Dark moon circles and mediumship, as well as a range of 101 courses. Check our events page here, or on facebook to see what we’re up to at the moment and to book online!

Community is Important…

We are also very committed to community work and charity work here at the shop. Every October we do a massive toy drive as part of our Halloween and Day of the Dead Celebrations, where we collect toys for the food bank so that every child can open a present at Christmas. We support some of our local wildlife charities too- if you ever happen to wander around Holt Island, take a little time if you can to spot out sponsored bird box! At some of our events, we also collect offerings and donate a percentage to running community events, so we can run as many free community events as possible, such as our public Ofrenda that we offer every year, so people have space to come and honour their beloved ancestors.

So come on in, have a chat, have a browse. Get to know us, and our wonderful community here at Manifest.

(You can bring your dogs too, we almost always have some sneaky dog treats for the well-behaved pup!)